The Whitt Wedding

A short timeline of our story


The Beginning

Avery and Kaila met in January 2017 during orientation for a weight loss program on the University of Nevada, Reno’s campus. During the orientation, while the coach was going over the different spices and sauces allowed during the program, Kaila noticed Avery circling the word hot sauce repeatedly – “You must really like hot sauce” – broke the ice.

It wasn’t until 2 months later in March 2017, that they would see each other again. Kaila took the lead and asked for his phone number to get information around workouts, which began the early friendship through texting. In April 2017, Avery finally asked Kaila on a first date and they watched all three minion movies while getting to know each other. Their second date was the next day where they took Kaila’s Uncle’s dog, Sophie, on a hike.

The Proposal

Avery enlisted the help of their friends to plan a trip to Virginia City. The group decided to take old timey pictures where during the “funny” picture, Avery thought it would be funny to hand Kaila the gun and pretend like she was going to shoot him while he “begged for his life” (on his knees). Avery got on one knee, Kaila froze, a little, and eventually said “yes!”. They couldn’t have been happier to start this new adventure together.

The Wedding

Our wedding will be simple and elegant, cherishing the love with all of you. We can’t wait to celebrate with everyone 🙂